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Animal Kits
PixelStik Bear PixelStik Bear Brown PixelStik Bear Blue PixelStik Bear Pink PixelStik Bear SDCC 2005 PixelStik Bear WCC 2005 PixelStik Bear Stikfas Sampler Yellow PixelStik Bear Stikfas Sampler Red PixelStik Bear Escalator Records
PixelStik Lion PixelStik Singaporedge Little Lion PixelStik Uniquely Singapore Lion PixelStik Uniquely Singapore Lion PixelStik DesignSingapore Little Lion
PixelStik Cat PixelStik Cat Black PixelStik Cat Orange PixelStik Dog PixelStik Dog Black PixelStik Dog Brown
PixelStik Squid PixelStik Squid Orange PixelStik Horse PixelStik Horse Black PixelStik Horse Brown PixelStik Horse White
PixelStik Dragon PixelStik Dragon_Black PixelStik Dragon_Red

Dinosaur Kits
PixelStik Tyranosaurus Rex PixelStik Tyranosaurus Rex
PixelStik Triceratops PixelStik Triceratops
PixelStik Pteradactyl PixelStik Pteradactyl
PixelStik Stegosaurus PixelStik Stegosaurus

Other Kits
PixelStik Dome Robot Walker

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