Terms and Conditions:

The images available on this website (http://pixelstiks.paintstik.com), termed "PixelStiks", are free for non-commercial use. However, a link back to the PixelStik website from wherever they are used is strongly suggested.

To use the PixelStiks: Click on a PixelStik figure to generate the HTML code at the bottom of the homepage. Copy the HTML code and use it on your own website or signatures. Or, to save the image to your own server, right-click the image you wish to use and save it to your computer. Upload the PixelStik image to your personal web server (or similar image hosting service, such as PhotoBucket) and use it from there.

All PixelStiks are created as transparent GIF images, so whatever background color your web page uses is the color that will appear behind the Stikfas figure. The "Background Color" links on the homepage DO NOT change the color of the background for the downloaded image, only the background of the page that the images are viewed against.

PixelStiks, PaintStik.com, StikCustomizers.com and Brian Spradlin are not associated with Stikfas PTE in any way beyond that of a "fan" of the product. The Stikfas brand, toys and trademarks all belong to Stikfas PTE. No infringement of copyright is intended in any way.

Contact webmaster@paintstik.com with any comments or questions.